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Book Review - The Pilate Plot

The Pilate Plot by Terry BaileyIndiana has historically produced some of the most popular authors in the country such the early 20th century’s Gene Stratton-Porter, Booth Tarkington and Charles Major to modern day favorites like Kurt Vonnegut, Ralph McInerny and Meg Cabot.  I am very pleased to report that there is a new author on the scene who is not only from Indiana, but also one of our neighbors. Terry Bailey was born in Morgan County, the son of Dale and Ella Bailey who currently reside in Paragon. He graduated Eminence High School in 1975 and though education and vocation have led him to other locales, he returns to Morgan County as often as possible. He currently resides in East Canton, Ohio where he serves as the Senior Minister for Indian Run Christian Church. The Pilate Plot is his first book.

About the Book:
David Urbane is a college professor who blames Jesus Christ for the death of his wife.  Robert Cooper is the sociopathic President of the United States who is working on world domination but finds that Christianity stands in his way.  Nathaniel Stone is the genius computer hacker who discovers that time travel really is possible.  Cooper’s plan is to send Urbane back in time to prevent Jesus’ crucifixion and thereby stopping the birth of Christianity. Who will win in this contest of good versus evil?

My Thoughts:
I find that many self-published first novels still require a lot of polish and editing, and so I was very pleasantly surprised when I read Terry’s book.  The Pilate Plot is an intelligent, fast paced thriller that combines science fiction, history, religion and conspiracy.  It is well written with a complex story line that twists and turns.  Its short, cliffhanger-ending chapters are reminiscent of Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code and make you want to keep reading long after you know that you should stop and go to bed.  After all, why stop now when the next chapter is only three pages long?  The suspenseful, Christian-themed plot line combined with the speculative aspect of time travel will appeal to fans of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, or any of the major suspense writers.  In summary, I highly recommend this book and I hope that Terry finds a major publisher for his work soon.  The Pilate Plot leaves the ending open, so I’m looking forward to the sequel, too.

If you’d like more information about Terry or The Pilate Plot you can visit Books By Terry Bailey.

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